The Restaurant at Togat Nusa Retreat

Here are some photos of the common area where guests gather for meals, drinks and story.

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Togat Nusa Retreat not only offers access to Mentawai Islands surf, but healthy wholefood meals, you're sure to enjoy in this amazing setting.

This was the first building on the island, it initially served as home and office for John and Ainsley while they continued on to build bungalows for future guests.  In the beginning, the bar and restaurant was an internet pit stop for surf charter boats, who would be nearby playing the the waves; Telescopes and 7 palms in the neighborhood and Scarecrows right out front.  Decor includes antique boat lights from the Dutch spice traders, a pilot whale skeleton, and more Japanese fishing floats than you've ever seen in one place. Days into your visit you will be noticing more details...

Copyright 2013 All photos by Mieke Dusseldorp and Ainsley Ocean, unless otherwise stated ~ No Animals were harmed in the making ~

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