Previous to Togat Nusa Retreat there was Kandui and Hawaii:



          Kandui Surf Resort

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

10 years ago John and Ainsley left Hawaii to pursue a dream in the Mentawai Islands, they worked hard for 2 1/2 years to build the Kandui Resort, in one of the world's newest destination surf spots.  After it was up and running they were offered a new (and even better) opportunity on a private island, and Togat Nusa Retreat was born.

Here are some photos of what John, the barefoot carpenter, created at Kandui Surf Resort.


The Farm - The Big Island, Hawaii

​​Once upon a time, they were organic avocado farmers in Hawaii. 

John built a home on the farm from Ohia posts, the

local hardwood, and cedar siding.

It is mostly open with a large metal roof for rain catch, an outdoor bathroom with shower and tub, screened in lounge room, and the bedroom above it - all sides looking out over the orchard.  There is a cute-as-button guest cabin built from ironwood by the garden, and multiple outbuildings, for all that a farm requires.  The farm was completely off the grid, so along with building it all, he had solar panels, pumps, filters, deep cell batteries and inverters to organize and maintain.  We call him MacGyver....



Not limited to buildings:

John has put together many stunning pieces of furniture, cool light fixtures, remodeled an old boat to live on, and even shaped wooden surf boards.

Copyright 2013 All photos by Mieke Dusseldorp and Ainsley Ocean, unless otherwise stated ~ No Animals were harmed in the making ~

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