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Mentawai Island Surf, Mentawai Surf

This site was created to share photos of John Ocean's art.  He has been building for 28 years, first in Hawaii and the last 10 years have been spent salvaging local hardwoods in the Mentawai Islands off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.  He first built Kandui Surf Resort, and the last 5 years have been spent here, on the 22 acre private island of Pitojat.  He has been hand crafting wood into bungalows, a restaurant and bar, furniture and many other creations, including surf boards.

We invite you to browse the photos and hope you feel the strong connection to nature, respect for the ocean, the land, and the Mentawai people - that which the Ocean family have honored in their time in this amazing part of this fine Earth.

                 ~~ Peace, love and brown rice.

Mentawai Islands Surf, Mentawai Surf

Copyright 2013 Mentawaiislandssurf.com All photos by Mieke Dusseldorp and Ainsley Ocean, unless otherwise stated ~ No Animals were harmed in the making ~

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